Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Looking Back at my 16 Favorite Blog Posts From 2014: DIYs, Personal Stories, Travel

'Twas a year of streamlining, exploring, and refining on the blog, with work, and in life. When looking back and picking favorite blog posts from 2014 I'm drawn to the simple posts on crafting, travel, and personal stories. These are usually the most rewarding posts for me. I could literally write a blog just on kitschy motels and traveling and feel satisfied. Here are a few of my favorite posts from 2014:

1. DIY Shoes Off Sign Photographed above. I like it because it's when I was filled to the brim with blog ambition and thought I'd do a craft post per week. Ha! Not yet! But craft posts are very rewarding for me. Also, getting the photo of me holding the sign involved me standing awkwardly on a ladder and took many re-takes.

2. The Hostel in the Woods and my Birthday Re-Visit Don't be surprised if I move here one day. I would love to live on a hippie commune and this is one of my favorite places on Earth. So relaxing.

3. Robot Toy Keychain DIY: Even the simplest DIY posts takes hours! Loved this one, love my toy key charms.

4. The Mexican Fisherman and The American Fisherman I have made an almost full-fledged switch to Fisherman. Love it. Life isn't about a "job" and "money".

5. Let Me Take You to Paradise, Caracoles, Puerto Rico A true paradise. Every time we visit Puerto Rico it's hard to leave. Also, Climbing and swimming in a giant waterfall!

6. Being my Mother's Daughter More stories about mom and family to come this year, including at least one family recipe.

7. Magic Beach Motel It was a needed break, a fun trip down memory lane, and much fun to photograph something so kitschy. Looking back, was also when the AJ and I were first falling for each other. Related: Jaybird Inn stay and Postcards from Mod Vilano

8. DIY Textured Jars Fun to make and photograph. I love easy crafts!

9. Short Cuts for Living a Healthy, Minimalist Life I've shared it before, but I like this one. Was fun to shoot the still life for it and organize the thoughts here. Really believed it would help people.

10. Kitschy Tampa Hotel Will someone pay me to record a series on staying in random kitschy motels? Can I submit a pilot?

11. Lucky Maneki Neko-Chan's of Japan I'm an unabashed Japan-o-phile and crazy cat lady.

12. Wolf's Museum It's amazing!

13. Transformers Game Board Push Pin I love Transformers, and the odd art/colors/print of these made-in-China game board pieces.

14. Whale Tooth and Spring Cleaning: The only "Thrift Core" post to have my real writing voice. It's nearly impossible to tap into it anymore.

15. Easy 3 Step Record Bowl A long-time "want to craft" project crossed off the list. Enjoyed how these came out.

16. I Will Find You, and I Will Kill You Wrote this post while laughing with my roommate/best friend. In "real life" I'm weird and whimsical, shines through in this copy. I still miss the hell out of my bike and haven't found a replacement yet.

I look forward to sharing more personal essays, art/creativity updates and re-caps from interesting travels this year. There are so many interesting spots I can't wait to sneak my camera into as soon as possible!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

January Goal Updates: Reselling, Making, School. Success, Failures, Trucking Along


This year I'm sharing monthly business and personal goal updates. It holds me accountable and it gives you a behind-the-scenes on a free-spirited soloprenuer (and naturally, broke, ha!) student's lifestyle. It's been a crazy, but rewarding month full of new experiences. Behold!:

January Business Progress:

  • Lost $$$ on my antique mall booth. No time! Downsizing to a tiny one next month.
  • Excitedly doing Web Marketing for two local natural living indie businesses. 
  • Copyeditor and designer for a quarterly local natural living magazine!
  • Testing for our organic body care line going amazingly well! Soft release soon.
  • Raised item prices, earning more without slaving. Win/win/win. 
  • Teaching bi-monthly raw vegan cooking classes. Merch/books to come. 
  • Less blogging cured my sleep deprivation woes! Cognitive ability level-up.

Been making and playing with kombucha flavorings. Post to come!

January Personal Progress:

  • Now a full-time student studying herbalism and nutrition. Dream come true!
  • Increasing weight & challenge with each gym visit. Making future torture-plans. Gym=torture.
  • Sold more house clutter for $200, will sell the rest next week. Less clutter=clear mind.
  • Let myself work/stress less and sleep more. Feeling much healthier for it.
  • Streamlined/beautified the home. More progress to come; ongoing.
  • Started beautiful seedlings, will start more and get gardening this year. 
  • Taking lots of creative/craft classes.
  • Corrected my calorie/protein levels. It took another fainting spell (in class; pathetic) to force change. I'd forget to eat + didn't realize how much more I need to eat as a now active person.

A few of our soaps and products, curing. They smell INCREDIBLE. All testing going well.

Some herbalism homework. I happily sharpened my prismacolors for the Botany book!

January Fails:

  • Need more blog posts finished well in advance. 
  • Antique mall income fail. Income drop in general.
  • I didn't get outside daily as intended, even with my challenge
  • Client work took over, need to balance time better.
  • Didn't set aside daily meditation/reading time. Must rectify.

Can't wait to order herb seeds and plant some more babies. Our body care line will have organic, home-grown, healing herbs infused within!

February Adjustments/Goals:

  • Soft opening for my body care line
  • Fill up editorial schedule
  • 5 photoshoots/interviews
  • DO DAILY: Get Outside/Explore, Read, Meditate, Work on eBooks
  • Re-shoot ALL current merchandise for Etsy. 
  • Use a timer to get client work done faster. Focus!
  • Entering a Feb. daily workout and class contest. 
  • Make a better schedule/system to fit everything in!
  • Get progress on my art lines, move along to the next step.
  • Move focus make to profit in February, will share the results.

Our hot water heater heater was out for 22 days straight! Suffering from a cold and desperate, I heated water for my bath on the stove! Also, washer/dryer literally burned out and we had to call the fire department! Got laundry to catch up on as soon as this post is done, it's piled on my couch...

I NEED YO HELP: I'd love your articles for my blog and magazine project! I'm looking to post home tours, collections, business interviews, artist interviews, DIYs, and interesting informative posts. Please e-mail me, I'd love to interview and share your home. If you're local, my camera longs intrude on my life. Contact me

My mom and niece making bath bombs in one the many creative classes at Green Lotus Studios

A small peek at my first cooking class. Was fun to buy some colorful cutting boards for it.

That's a wrap, January. One more week to go.

I could have done better, but overall, January was a success. Yesterday I completely mentally and physically exhausted myself; it was awesome to finally feel that way again. I've needed to really challenge my mind to work those creative brain muscles and my new classes and gigs have re-booted my system. 

How has your January been thus far with sales, personal life, goal following up? And seriously, if you're lurking and want to collaborate/have me write about you/have questions, let me know! I want to work with you.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guides for a Healthy New Years Body: Weight Loss, Recipes, Exercise and More

You revamp and organize you home (see: guides for organizing your everything) for the new year; but it's equally important to streamline and care for our bodies! You only get one, it deserves the best food and care possible. I've worked in a commercial raw vegan kitchen for three years and I'm currently enrolled in nutritional herbalism and master herbalism courses. I'm extremely passionate about learning the inner working of our bodies down to a cellular level and giving it the optimum fuel. I love creating like crazy and staying busy as hell. You, too, have a never-ending list of things to accomplish. We need healthy bodies and minds to keep at it.

Spent three hours yesterday testing my menu for my class at Green Lotus Studios today from 6-9. E-mail if you'd like more details. I'll be teaching a couple of classes a month. Going with an asian theme for this month. 

For everyone who's trying to lose weight, alleviate pain, eliminate blemishes, get toned, improve concentration/creativity and overall get healthier, I have many posts coming for you. For now, here are all the guides you may have missed over the years.

Personal Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Tips / Detox


Healthy Raw Vegan Recipes

Budget Healthy Eating

Yummy/Healthy Teas and Drinks

The Raw Vegan 101 

Raw Vegan 101: Preparing Easy, Healthy, Damn Delicious Living Meals
Vegan Feasting: My Go-To Vegan Websites and Recipes

Raw Vegan 101 5 Part Series

Part 1)
 What is it and Why is it Good for You? + Another Raw Info Post
Part 2) My Raw Routines and Tips to Stick to It
Part 3) 
Essential Raw Vegan Tools, Books, and Resources 
Part 4) Pantry Staples for Creating any Dish you Crave Rawfully
Part 5) Adding More Raw Healthfulness to Your Diet on the Cheap
Extra) Straightening Out Misconceptions and My True Mission


Buyer Beware: Organic/Healthy Lifestyle Gimmicks That "Got Me". Nutritional Blood Analysis and Essential Oil

And of Course...

5 Tips to Truly Stick to Your New Years Resolutions: Program Them!

I'll be writing more about herbalism, natural body care and more in the coming months. This is something I can easily see myself taking clients for into the future, over a year from now when all my medical school is done, of course! It's incredibly rewarding to help people detoxify their bodies, heal, consistently stay properly nourished, and harness their full potential. If you need help or have any questions at all don't be shy, e-mail me.

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