Friday, July 3, 2015

Savannah Georgia Historic District Graveyard: The Beautiful Colonial Park Cemetery

Tall trees drip with spanish moss, brick and stone monuments stood stark like stoic sentinels against an overcast sky. The Colonial Park Cemetery is in the heart of Savannah's historic district, it was an easy pass-through on our first day of exploring. It's extremely tidy and photogenic, and a fascinating history lesson, too. It's up there with some of the prettiest cemeteries I've seen. It was established in 1750!

It's a popular Historic district stop for a reason, and it's free to visit, too. It's a popular site for ghost tours, but it was really beautiful walking through during the day.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Try This: An Exercise to Know What You Truly Want to Do With Your Life. For Really.

When I started college I was 17 and completely clueless. My counselor recommended "Career Planning"- a class that didn't count as a college credit; a bid to make money from an uninformed consumer. I want to back to school mostly for personal enrichment, but I am bitter about the hideous money-scheming college industrial complex! Despite that, "Career Planning" was an insightful and helpful class with lessons I still find valuable. One activity I go back to is the one that's supposed to help you determine exactly what you really, truly want to do with your life.

Let's do it together.

First, imagine you have all the money you could ever possibly need. You're a multi-billionaire. Money is no object.

Next, imagine you have every degree you could ever need. Your college is covered, there is no obstacle stopping you from doing what you want to do.

What would you do with your time, you, the billionaire in possession of every college degree there is?

Don't be shy here, don't lie to yourself. If you've always desired to be a dolphin trainer, NASA worker, or just a stay-at-home mom or humble crafter, contemplate it. Don't think about what you'd buy, think about how you'd occupy your time. Would you paint, take additional classes for fun, travel?

That activity, those things, are what you truly want to do for a living. Many people go to school for high-paying jobs because they want, or need, lots of money. Many choose work they hate, just to mae money. A quote that sticks out from me about this phenomenon of life-long suffering for money we won't have time to spend working 40+ hours a week is spoken by Billionaire Jackie Siegel in The Queen of Versailles. The only place where she could work and make money in her small town was IBM, so she went to school and earned her degree in computer engineering because she refused to be anybody's secretary. She occupied a sad cubicle in a big building full of them and notes that a colleague was making a program to count down his retirement, years down the line, down to the second, he said that's when he'd begin "living his life". She quit and pursued her modeling dreams immediately after.

If I was a billionaire I'd write content, take photos, travel, craft, make art, attend school for enrichment and help causes I'm passionate about. All things I do now. I would have more peace-of-mind and less stress with more money, but it wouldn't change my goals or direction. I feel like I'm on the right life path. (I'd also give tons of it away, because that's just too much damn money!)

What would you do? Because that's what you should do.

Note: I also wrote about Career Planning in this post where my teacher mailed out "letters from ourselves" 6 years later! And I still want to write/edit for publications...
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy DIY Photo Backdrop Idea: Simple Cardboard and Fabric, Easy to Use and Store


Right now I'm in the midst of re-branding, taking photos for my new project and doing other product photos for a client. (If you need product photos or web work, contact me, I'd love to help!) I'm loving the idea of having a bunch of photo backdrops to select from on-hand and ready-to-go for taking pictures. Ideally, I'd have a huge industrial warehouse to spread and work in, but since I work from my apartment, I need to make backdrops that are easy to fold up and put away after use. Etsy has a wide selection of beautiful ones that I'll likely invest in eventually, but making your own is free or close to it and keeps your photos unique! Here's what I've been experimenting with behind-the-scenes.

It's pretty much as simple and glueing your fabric to cardboard. You can use foam core, or even poster board. I make them so they fold in half so I can hide them behind my expedit unit in my work area until needed.

I cut the cardboard in half, then duct tape the back so I can fold it and go. It helps to iron the fabric, but in most cases you can smooth it out with glue. Elmer's glue was perfect for my (50 cent yard sale!) burlap but spray adhesive like 3m Super 77 would be better for thin fabric.

It's fun to have a variety so you can stage photos with different colors and textures and see what works best for a story or editorial/branding style. I'll be here constructing a whole bunch of these!

I love using what I have for business. This may be a reductive idea but I hope it helps you brainstorm on creative photography and crafting! What do you use to take photos? Any unique tips or tricks to share?
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