Hi! I'm Vanessa Alvarado. Let Me Tell You About Thrift Core...

Middle School Yearbook Photo. Forever a pensive, inquisitive nerd. No shame.

I'm an expat copywriter and marketer from the gray world of cubicles turned full-time freelancer/bohemian lifestyle writer/now-poor-ass-person; my adoration of vintage, kitsch, horror, animation and making is lifelong. I'm a curious, pensive "scanner"-type personality with a dizzyingly hyperactive right-brain and I've been making nerdy websites since 1997. They were about anime. There were lots of animated gifs. The shame. Now, I love living a life pursuing health and creative passions. I'm also a certified herbalist working toward my master herbalism degree and a trained gourmet raw vegan chef. Next I want to pursue studies in digital media and fine arts. I've come to terms with the fact that my life journey will be one where I jump from passion-project to passion-project; it's crazy, but that's part of the fun! Life would be boring if we weren't constantly learning; I'm the type of person that always wants to be engrossed in a project. I'm a happy work-a-holic chasing my dreams, and I want to help others feel the same way.

With Thrift Core I Share Inspiration for Living a Happy, Healthy Life Outside the Status Quo.

Raised in Naples, Italy and Jacksonville, Florida, I bring that colorful, tropical, eclectic backdrop into everything I create. My love of dinosaurs, robots, and cephalopods knows no bounds.

My grandparent's house in Ponce, Puerto. Built by, and still fully maintained by, my grandfather. My love of the simple life, sustainability, gardening and creativity start with my cultural roots in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Being a resourceful maker is in my DNA.

Current Projects.... 

- Formulating an Organic Skin Care Line

- Herbalism Student

-Visit my Antique Mall booth (ask for booth #4504) at Southern Crossing Antique Mall (2718 Park St  Jacksonville, FL 32205, (904) 384-1757) or shop online.

-Selling regularly at the Vagabond Market, the Caravan Bazaar and will soon join the regular line-up at Jaxson's Night Market and The Green Market.

-Writing on a Line of eBooks

-Striving to be hired as a columnist/photojournalist, freelance (Got a job for me? Please E-mail

-Always trying to be healthy (many whole living experiments going on) and stay organized amid too many all the projects

Passions: Just a few things that influence everything I write around these parts...

Art/Design, Kitsch, Copywriting, Webdesign, Blogging, Herbalism, Veganism, Gardening, Interior Design, Mid Century Modern, Kitsch, ALL Animation, Comic Books, Classic Cinema, ALL Cinema, Video Games, Marine Biology, Ecology, Horror Genre, Burlesque, Film Noir, B Movies, World History/Culture, Kawaii Japanese Aesthetic, Japan in General- huge Japanophile here, felines, hell- the whole animal kingdom. Rather fond of them.

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Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions. You can chat with me on Twitter and Facebook. I also have an FAQ with information you may find useful.
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