Thrift Core: Instructions For Cutting the Bull and Living a Happy, Healthy, Creative Life

Oh, the living room has changed many times since then....

Thrift Core is a lifestyle blog that relishes in the innate creativity that comes with being a thrifty maker and indie business owner. It's about exploring the intersection of art and whole living, while documenting the life of a 20-something expat marketer, now full-time bohemian. I'll continue to share: indie business information, inspiring photos of muses and travels, interior design inspiration, and vegan/whole living recipes.

I'm Van (Vanessa Alvarado), a passionate, kitsch, horror genre, and anime loving lifelong thrifter. Raised in Naples, Italy and Jacksonville, Florida, I bring that colorful, eclectic backdrop into everything I create. I'm a self taught web and graphic designer with years of experience writing copy and marketing on the web for The Man, but I'm much happier here inspiring fellow creatives and thrifty souls to pursue their passions. My love of dinosaurs, robots, and cephalopods knows no bounds.

The Name: I chose Thrift for my innate ability and deep desire to be extremely resourceful. My mom was raised in Hispanic barrio where she and her parents grew their own veggies, raised bees and bunnies for food, fished, and turned "broken junk" into useful items for the whole neighborhood to use. My dad was raised in Puerto Rico where he helped his parents build and maintain their home and fruit farm. Their parents before them were from dirt-floor poverty and taught them how to make-do and really stretch resources. My parents stretched a single military income on a family of five, putting generations of frugality to use to help us live abundantly on very little and I soaked up all teaching like a sponge. Being a resourceful maker is in my DNA by this point! Core is for the Hardcore marketing used in boy's toys and comic books that continues to inform my aesthetic. Boy's toys are my muse!

My Shops: Sexy, carefully selected art and vintage...

You can visit my Antique Mall booth (ask for booth #4504) at Southern Crossing Antique Mall (2718 Park St  Jacksonville, FL 32205, (904) 384-1757) or shop online. I'm working behind the scenes on an art, jewelry, and vintage ephemera line.

Passions: Just a few things that influence everything I write around these parts...

Art/Design, Thrift/Frugality, Copywriting, Webdesign, Blogging, Raw Veganism, Gardening, Interior Design, Mid Century Modern, Kitsch, Animation, Comic Books, Video Games, Marine Biology, Ecology, Horror Genre, Burlesque, Film Noir, B Movies, World History/Culture, Kawaii Japanese Aesthetic, felines, hell- the whole animal kingdom. Rather fond of them.

* * *
Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions. You can chat with me on Twitter and Facebook. I also have an FAQ with information you may find useful.
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